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2024 Battle for the Houses

Michigan vs Michigan State Football Rivalry

Event Details

Inspired by the Duckett family, who stayed at RMHC Ann Arbor while their son was hospitalized, Battle for the Houses is a friendly competition to build awareness and raise funds for RMHC Ann Arbor (GO BLUE!) and RMHC Mid-Michigan (GO GREEN!).

With the game being played at The Big House this year, RMHCAA will be hosting the Pre-Game Press Conference on Wednesday, October 23rd at University of Michigan Golf Club.

Throughout the month leading up to the BIG RIVALRY GAME will be opportunities to raise money and awareness for RMHC Ann Arbor – GO BLUE! The competition ends when the clock runs out on the UM/MSU football game! The winning Chapter will proudly display the RMHC Paul Bunyan trophy…until next year!

Only one RMHC chapter will take home the trophy, but with your support, every family who needs RMHC wins!

Battle for the Houses
Battle for the Houses Champions, Mike Martin & Todd Duckett