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How to Stay

Two Houses to provide support.

Ronald McDonald House Charities Ann Arbor has two Houses that provide a supportive home away from home for families of children 21 years of age and younger receiving treatment at a local health care facility.

The Main House, located a short walk from C. S. Mott Children’s Hospital, has 31 guest rooms available to families who live a distance from Ann Arbor, for as long as their child is receiving treatment. Learn More about the Main House.

The Mott House, located on the 10th floor of C S. Mott Children’s Hospital, has 12 guest rooms available for a short-term stay for adult caregivers of patients being treated in one of the intensive care units. Living distance from the hospital is not a factor considered for a room, as parents need to be just steps away from their child’s bedside. Learn more about the Mott House.

Arranging Your Stay

The Ronald McDonald House staff and hospital social workers work closely together to meet the unique needs of each family. If you do not have a social worker, please call the RMHC Ann Arbor Main House at (734) 994-4442 for assistance.

Families are offered a room based on availability. Your social worker will be contacted when there is a room available. Once a room is offered, it is available to you for the duration of your child’s hospitalization.

We do our best to accommodate all families. However, we are not able to guarantee a room for everyone on the waitlist. Alternate accommodations are available through the University of Michigan Patient Accommodations Department. You may contact them by calling (800) 544-8684.

Covid-19 Guidelines and Restrictions

We are working closely with our hospital partners to protect the health and safety of patients while still providing access to lifesaving medical care during the pandemic.

To provide a safe environment for our guests and staff, the following are the COVID-19 Conditions for Stay: 

Eligible guests:

  • Limited to two registered parents or legal guardians of the patient.
    • In the absence of a second parent, the hospital-approved caregiver is eligible.
    • Available only to the person(s) referred before check-in for the duration of stay.
  • Visitors & siblings (unless approved to be bedside at the hospital) are not allowed to visit at this time.

Room Use:

  • One parent is permitted to travel outside of the community for essential needs such as child care or employment. Parents can alternate with each other if needed as long as the room is occupied every night.  Please notify the manager if you need to make this arrangement & practice prevention (see below) when you are away.
  • To limit the risk of infection to yourself & others, please maintain a House-to-Hospital schedule to the best of your ability.

Wellness Screening:

  • Each time you enter the House, you will have a wellness and temperature check.
  • If you have a fever above 99.5 or any of the listed symptoms, you will need to check out of the House. We will help you to find other temporary accommodations until you recover.  Please understand not all are vaccinated & this is necessary to keep everyone safe & well.
  • Report any illness immediately. Please be aware of your own health & let the RMHCAA staff know if you aren’t feeling well. Please understand not all are vaccinated & this is necessary to keep everyone safe & well.
  • If you come in contact with a person who has tested positive for Covid-19, please notify staff immediately.

Practice Prevention: 

  • Masks: A mask must be worn at all times outside of your room.
  • Hand sanitizer: Apply hand sanitizer each time you enter the House.
  • Handwashing & respiratory hygiene: Wash hands frequently for 20 seconds, avoid touching your face, and cover sneezes & coughs.
  • Disinfect areas after use: Please wipe down areas you have used with the disinfectant wipes provided.
  • Social distancing: Follow the established social distancing plan in the House.
Happy family.
Ronald McDonald House Charities has been keeping families close in Ann Arbor since 1985.